We have been remodeling beautiful homes all over the city for more than 11 years. In that time we’ve learned several important things about Californians:

You want to make an educated decision.
On this site we will attempt to give you a short course in remodeling--not enough to make you an expert but enough to enable you to make an informed decision about which type of improvement will be best for your home or business.

You want value.
You know that neither the cheapest nor the most expensive alternative necessarily represents the best value. At MIKRAMO we strive to give you the best value by providing quality work, expertly performed by technicians who treat your home with care and respect.

You hate hassles.
We keep our promises. We keep appointments and schedules. If issues arise, we deal with them and don’t make excuses. And when the job is finished we clean up so that the only sign we were there is your beautiful home or business.

You want to deal with experienced people.
Not only experienced in providing work but experienced in dealing with the requirements of your building management and co-op boards.


Welcome to Mikramo

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